While we have a robust Zoom integration, you also have the capability to manually upload a recording that you want to be transcribed and accessible in Pickle.

Supported recording file types:

MP3, MP4, Flv, WMV, avi, MPEG, m4a, MOV, mpg, WebM, 3GP

How to Upload a Recording

1. Download the recording file to your computer.

2. Move to the top lefthand corner of the platform from any page. Click on the icon shaped like the head and shoulders of a person.

3. A dropdown menu will appear. Click "Upload".

4. The Upload page will appear. You can upload in two ways:

Drag and Drop the recording files into the box.

Click "Browse". Your file storage box will open. Select the file(s) to upload.

Add Tags by clicking "Add Tags". This will help with file organization when you search for specific recordings.

5. Click the "Upload" button to begin. A progress bar will fill below the file. Once completed, it will appear on the "Recordings" page.

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