Using the Dashboard

After logging into the Pickle platform, the first page you will encounter is the dashboard. See below:

Pickle Dashboard

The dashboard can be adjusted based on specific timeframes you want to measure.

Simply move to the top center of the platform and click on the timeframe drop down. Select any time from "Today", "Yesterday", "Last 7 Days", "This Month", "Last Month", "This Year, "Last Year", or even select a custom date range in the calendar provided.

How to read the dashboard:

1. Data Highlights: Includes statistics/metrics across all calls in the platform. Metrics like "Average Call Duration", "Total Calls", "Talk/Listen Ratio", etc. All statistics are explained in detail when hovering over the "i" button.

2. Call Volume: How many calls were pulled in during the timeframe set.

3. Customer Sentiment: Metric to display how sentiment in conversations is trending over time. Comprised of "Positive", "Neutral", and "Negative" sentiment.

4. Markers Detected: How often certain markers are identified in conversations over a period of time. The larger the word bubble, the more often the marker is applied. Hover over each bubble to see exact counts.

5. Keyword Lists: The different keyword lists you have created to mark calls are listed here. Click "See All" in the top right corner to view all lists created. To learn how to create a Keyword List, click here.

6. Saved Searches: Listing of all the specific searches you have saved in order to quickly return to your most common searches in the database. Click "See All" in the top right corner to view all saved searches. To learn how to save a search, click here.

Each box is accompanied with an information box that will appear and explain the metric/box by simply hovering over the "i" in the top left-hand corner.
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