Pickle Academy: Checklist to Pickle Mastery

Welcome to the Pickle Dojo. By the end of this checklist you will journey from "wax on, wax off":

To the throwing the perfect Crane Kick and winning the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament:

This checklist was designed with a general order in mind but feel free to hop around to what interests you the most right now.

You can always come back to learn more another time (and bump up our pageviews.)

Alright I'll quit while I still have your attention...let's get into it:

White Belt (Beginner):

Using the Dashboard
How to Search for a Call
Understanding the Call View

Blue Belt: (Intermediate):

Create a Keyword List
Create a Saved Search
Create a Marker
Create a Tag
Bookmarking a Call
Manually Uploading a Call

Black Belt (Master):

Sharing a Call
Snipping a Call Section
Commenting on a Call
Word Boosting
Custom Pickle Data Studio
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