How to Search For a Call

After integrating your favorite tools, all of your prospect/customer calls will pull into the Pickle Power Search page.

While Pickle provides an easily accessible database of all your calls, it's a game-changer when you know how to search for calls specifically.

That's where you will find the customer insight needles in the data haystack. So let's dive in!

How to search for a call:

1. Move to the menu on the left-hand side of the platform. Click “Search”, which is the second option from the top (looks like a magnifying glass).
2. Select/type desired search parameters in the Power Search column (see search parameters breakdown below)
3. Click the green “Search” button at the bottom of the column

Types of search parameters:
Keywords: Search for specific words mentioned in calls.
Timeframe: Specific time periods that calls happened. Broken down from today, this month, all time, etc. You can also enter specific date ranges.
File Names: Search the names of the files that pull in from your softphone and/or CRM
Keyword List: Pull calls that fall under a specific keyword list you create (Want to learn how to make a keyword list? Click here!)
Call Duration: Narrow down to certain call lengths (Hot Tip: if you want to take out voicemails and only pull in conversations, set call duration minimum higher)
Word Count: Search calls per how many words spoken
Tags: Filter calls based on any custom tags created for specific calls
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