Getting Started: Checklist for Implementing Pickle

Welcome to the Pickle Squad! You just made a huge step getting started in your journey to truly understanding your customers and creating relationships that last using conversation intelligence.

Powered by the voice of your customer, Pickle will provide deep insight into every interaction. Helping build stronger customer relationships and keep your entire organization on the same page.

In order to harness full Pickle power, there are a few milestones to complete so you and your team can hit the ground running.

The checklist below will guide you each step of the way when setting up Pickle. Each item on the list will take you to a quick explanation of that specific step and include any additional steps involved.

Checklist to get the Pickle Rolling

Sign up/Log in
Show me the data! (This is the most important step for full Pickle power)
Add team members
Simple guide to using the Pickle

Congratulations! If you made it this far, you're crushing it. As you continue to use Pickle daily, the platform will learn, grow, and tailor to you and your customers needs.

Think of Pickle like a fine red gets better over time.

Cheers to your future success; let's get to building something great!

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