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While creating Keyword Lists and Markers are meant for automated call labeling/categorizing, the ability to manually tag calls even more specifically is dead useful.

Machine automated labels are great for general terms and themes that you want to track across the entire database. Saves you the pain of doing that manually.

Wanting to make a certain calls searchable out of your entire history of recordings is where tagging shines.

For example: Your company has machine labels set up to scan for keywords/phrases that have to do with "Next Steps" and/or "Pricing Discussion". However, you want to specifically tag a call as a "Closing" call in the sales process. Not every call that is automatically labeled with "Next Steps" is a call that closes a deal in the sales cycle. But if you include a tag on the specific calls that lead to a deal closed, you can now search for calls that particular tag include with them out of your entire database.

So how the heck do you create a tag for a call?

Glad you asked! Let's get jiggy with it:

How to Create a Tag

There are two methods to creating a tag:

Inside of the individual call (click on the hyperlinked file name of the call in the search page to get there).

Once inside of the call, where the recording and transcript are, move your mouse over the the box labeled "Tags" and click "Add Tag" in the top right corner.

Now type in the word(s) you wish to tag the call with and hit the "Save Tag" button. Boom, done!

Create a Tag in the Call View

On the Power Search page

On the search page, you will find currently created tags for specific calls on in the column labeled "Tags".

Call Tag Column

Move your mouse over to the Tag column. When hovering over the column you will see a greyed "Add Tag" button appear.

Click the button and enter the word(s) you wish to tag the call with and hit the "Save Tag" button. Bam, done!

Creating a Tag on the Search Page

Searching for Tags on Power Search

Now this is where the magic happens: searching for the custom tag you created.

When you want to find the needle in the haystack. The exact call with the exact outcome you are searching can be found as easy as the image below makes it look.

Searching for a Tag

Now you are armed with the knowledge of tagging! Remember: with great power, comes great responsibility.

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