Create a Saved Search

After integrating your favorite tools, all of your prospect/customer calls will pull into the Pickle Power Search page.

Even though Pickle provides an easily accessible database of all your calls, it still helps to be able to save any specific searches you will return to often. Saving a search is also an integral part of creating any new keyword list you want to label your calls with.

How to create a saved search:

1. Click “Search” the left side of the Pickle app

2. Select/type desired search parameters in the Power Search column (specific keywords, date range, file name, etc.)

For Keyword List Creation: Select "All Time" for the Timeframe and the specific name of the Keyword List you just created. THAT'S IT, see GIF below for example. Then proceed with the following steps.

3. Click the green “Search” button at the bottom of the column

4. After the results populate, return the the bottom of the column and click the purple “Save Search” button

5. Type in the desired name for the search and hit “Save”

6. Return to the “Dashboard” in the menu (the left hand side of the screen)

7. Scroll to the bottom left hand corner of the dashboard to the “Saved Search” box and find the recently created search

Great work! Now you can click on that link to return to that specific search any time you like. Create as many saved searches as you desire.

For Keyword List Creation: The last step is to turn on the "Marker". Learn how here!
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