Create a Keyword List

Keyword Lists are an integral part of the Pickle Magic.

They are the first step to bringing life to your calls and making your database instantly more searchable.

The sky's the limit on building these lists and they are truly customizable to anything your want to track in your business.

Create a Keyword List:

Find the “Keyword List” box in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard.

Click “See All” in the right hand corner.

In the pop up window, click the “Add a List” button.

Type the what you want the name of the label to be in “Name”, choose “Or” in the Match Type drop down.

Enter any keywords/phrases that would associate with the label.

For example, If you want track every call a new product is mentioned on: enter the product name, then type words/phrases that would come up in a conversation describing that product. You can also copy/paste phrases from your actual call transcripts to capture accurate phrasing.
Click “Save New List” at the bottom of the pop up window.

Continue to add to the list as you find new ways the keyword is mentioned in calls. Type the new words/phrases below the prior entries and hit “Save New List”.
Next step: create a saved search using the keyword list you just created.

After creating the Saved Search, you will need to turn the Marker "on" which will automatically label any calls that include any keywords or phrases in the list.
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